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Setting up your Google My Business

If you’ve reached this page that means you prefer the DIY route but things tend to go a little faster with some handy instructions. Follow the steps below to get your Google My Business account set up and ready for verification.

Add Business in Google
  1. Head over to google.com/business to sign in and then select Add Business. If you have an email associated with your business domain, use that email when signing up.

2. Enter your business info

Adding your business info
Entering location info
  1. Enter your location. If you have an office location or a home based practice that you feel comfortable sharing the location of, this will allow you to show up in the map search results. 

3B. You can also designate your service areas. It is worth listing nearby localities where people are likely to travel from to reach your services. This will help you appear in additional search results. 

4. Fill in your contact information and website info. 

5. Finish entering your details and then verify your business listing via text or code sent via postcard

Entering your info to verify your business in Google Business

And you’re all set! You can edit and add information while you are awaiting confirmation. Your contact information and website will begin displaying in relevant search results. You can coordinate ads through your account and set up an accompanying analytics account to help track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.